EBET666 Baccalaureate Diploma Programme @ISE:


ISE has delivered an effective and vibrant EBET666 Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for more than 10 years. The DP program at ISE is non-selective in that we encourage all students to work towards the Diploma.  We know that our strong and supportive program guides students to successful completion of the Diploma.


Over the course of the past few years 98 percent of the students in the ISE DP program have earned their diploma. In addition to this the overall average score for ISE students has been above the IB world average score. ISE has built the foundation of the program on its strength of developing multilingual students.


We offer eight DP language courses in five languages. We focus on strengthening mother tongue languages while developing expertise in second or third languages. The breadth of our program goes beyond just languages. We offer a balanced selection of courses in all the DP groups so that every student in the ISE IBDP can choose the best path to meet their individual needs and goals. ISE is proud of the effort the staff, students, and the school community have put forth to make such a successful IB Diploma Programme.

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