High School Curriculum (IB and beyond):


ISE students are encouraged to take the most challenging courses in which they can be academically successful. English is the language of instruction. Each course generally meets for 90 minute blocks, which run from August through June. The academic year is divided into two semesters.


Unique in our region, ISE provides all of the students who graduate with a high school diploma from our accredited program. In addition, students can choose to participate in the EBET666 Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. We encourage our students to select the IB and high school courses that best enable them to reach their future goals.


To further support our diverse students in preparing for the 21st century, we also offer virtual high school courses for students who wish to take advantage of additional subjects offered around the world. This program also supports students who are interested in Advanced Placement subjects, which can be helpful when applying to American Universities.


ISE recognizes that technology is changing the way we live and work and it will continue to evolve. All students need to be prepared to meet the challenges of a dynamic global society in which they participate, contribute, achieve, and thrive through

 universal access to people, information and ideas. ISE provides every student access to information and technology in order to develop the necessary skills for living and working in the 21st century. This includes design labs and technology integration that support innovative and creative learning.

Middle School Innovation Lab (IL) Curriculum:


The MS Innovation Lab (IL) at ISE is a community of learners focused on understanding the complexities of society and developing innovative solutions to the issues facing the sustainability of our community and communities across the globe. IL is designed to promote creativity and innovation, to spark curiosity, and inspire ideas and actions while empowering students to make meaningful change in the world.


The community of students in IL will work in families that are facilitated by four content experts and numerous community experts. They will use progressive approaches to learning that include project-based learning, design thinking, and gamification. These experiences will include project work, field work, virtual learning and collaboration, classroom learning, design learning, experiential learning, and class/individual work.


In IL, students have a facilitator-designed, flexible schedule that is tailored to the needs of each project. A key component of the middle school schedule is the integrated project block, in which students complete learning objectives from Humanities, Science, and sometimes Design Technology and math, to help them understand the essential question of the project.


Aside from project work time, students in IL also have some discrete academic blocks in their schedule to ensure all standards are being met. Specifically, Students have math class every other day. At times, other blocks are also used for additional Humanities instructional time. During some projects, student have a flex-block so they can start to gain skills around setting their own work goals for a segment of time. IL students also attend PE, Visual Arts, Languages, and Band.

Elementary Curriculum:


In the Elementary School, Students learn through meaningful and connected tasks using an inquiry-based, transdisciplinary approach. Students apply their knowledge to think, reflect, analyze, problem solve and evaluate. Learning takes place in relevant contexts with authentic real world problem solving.


Our philosophy is to help students reach their full potential as individuals in the global community. Learning is considered from a strength-based perspective and learning diversity is valued as rich resource for building inclusive communities.

Preschool Curriculum:


Here at ISE, we see the child as a strong, powerful individual with the ability to be an active member of the community. We believe that a child has immense capabilities, rights and thirst for growth. Through their curiosity, we learn to understand them, and in this process we must provide the best environment.


As children are starting to experience a learning environment in school, this starts to change while they interact with the space and us, the teachers. We believe in nurturing their individual interests and fostering guidance in ways and media that serve as diverse channels for them to communicate how they perceive the world, what they want to tell us, and why this is important to them.


Every space in our classroom, in our school, is equally important and can all be learning spaces. Therefore, we strive to provide for our learners an environment that elicit their interests and talents and that deepen their engagement in practice and in thought.


In the Atelier, different materials are creatively displayed for children’s easy access because we believe the space is for them. We understand that their choices and products stem from their different backgrounds and understandings of their world.


In the Discovery room, open-ended materials are available for the children to explore, to try something new, to reason together, to collaborate together, to develop relations with peers, and be offered the possibility of finding something new.

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